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Does your website currently attract the level of traffic AND conversions you expect? For many companies, the unfortunate answer is "no." If you share the same answer, then there's a chance Terrakon can help. Terrakon Marketing is a St. Louis-based Pay Per Click Management Firm that specializes in all things critical to the successful use of pay per click advertising. For ten years, Terrakon Marketing has managed millions of dollars of ad spend for companies of many different sizes and industries to improve their bottom-line profits through the use of Pay Per Click Advertising.

Using a very unique, but critical, combination of creative and analytical skills that goes far beyond the normal pay per click agency, Terrakon Marketing's Pay Per Click Services drive more traffic to your website and convert those qualified, but untrusting, visitors into leads or customers. Whether your needs are day-to-day with Pay Per Click Management or more consultative in nature with Pay Per Click Consulting or somewhere in between, Terrakon may be able to help. Ready to start a conversation about your company's needs? Please fill out the contact form or call to see if the opportunity exists for a fit.

PPC ProfitMax


Maximize Your Online Profitability With Terrakon's PPC ProfitMax program. Best Practice Structuring, Optimization & Management.

ProfitMax is Terrakon's most popular pay per click service. Whether you're new to pay per click or seeking to improve current pay per click campaigns, ProfitMax, focuses on creating or restructuring PROFITABALE pay per click campaigns and keeping the campaigns profitable through active, day-to-day optimization and management. New campaigns are created or old campaigns are restructured according to best practices and Terrakon's ten years of experience with pay per click advertising. Then, the campaigns are actively optimized and managed to ensure maximum profit (or goals) are met.


For smaller accounts, PPC ProfitMax services start as low as $695 for initial set-up/restructure and $595/month for ongoing optimization and management. Call or click the "contact" button at the top of the page for details.

PPC KickStart


Ensure Current or New Pay Per Click Campaigns Provide You With the Best Opportunity for Success.

The KickStart service is targeted toward companies looking to create new pay per click campaigns utilizing best practices to ensure they have the best opportunity for success or companies running current pay per click campaigns which are not performing as well as desired. In both instances, Terrakon will create/ restructure the campaigns to provide the best opportunity for successful campaigns; optimize the campaigns for 30-60 days; and then hand over the day-to-day pay per click activities to internal company personnel. Companies may then purchase Terrakon's GuardRail or Consult services to increase the likelihood the pay per click campaigns perform well into the future.


PPC KickStart services start as low as $1,495 for smaller accounts. Call or click the "contact" button at the top of the page for details.

PPC GuardRail


Lower Cost Option to Keep Your Pay Per Click Campaigns From Veering Off Track.

GuardRail is a lower cost option to the monthly optimization and management activities found under the ProfitMax program. GuardRail requires the KickStart service and works best for companies with lower advertising spends; fairly stable product or service offerings; and fewer online competitors. Using GuardRail, Terrakon works silently in the background, conducting regular campaign reviews and making select, limited changes to keep the campaigns going in the right direction. GuardRail includes monthly, customized pay per click reports complete with graphs and charts and most importantly, a Quality Score reading for your account and each individual campaign - something Google AdWords does not offer at this level.


PPC GuardRail services start as low as $295 per month for smaller accounts. Call or click the "contact" button at the top of the page for more details.

PPC Consult


Special One-Time and Ad Hoc PPC Consulting Services.

Terrakon's consulting service, PPC Consult, consists of several different one-time and ad hoc consulting services. For KickStart clients, PPC Consult can be used to address ad hoc pay per click needs/expertise after the completion of a KickStart program. PPC Assessment is for clients who have never utilized pay per click advertising and would like an assessment of whether it is likely pay per click would be profitable for them or not. PPC Audit is a thorough audit of existing pay per click campaigns which includes specific suggestions of how current campaigns could be improved.


PPC Audit and PPC Assessment's start as low as $750. Ad hoc consulting services may be purchased in blocks of 5 or 15 hours. Call or click the "contact" button at the top of the page for details.

Pay Per Click Management Questions

Do You Work With Companies Like Mine?

Terrakon offers Pay Per Click Management and Pay Per Click Consulting services to Business to Consumer (B-to-C) and Business to Business (B-to-B) companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries [prior experience includes service, health and wellness, apparel, software, entertainment, technology and more] both locally, nationally and internationally.


Many of our clients fall into one of the following situations:


1) You've been running pay per click programs "in-house," but not achieving the results you think are possible. Oftentimes, the resources managing PPC programs "in-house" have many other duties and it is difficult to commit the time to regularly conduct the necessary tasks to stay on top of the competition, while also staying up-to-speed on the quickly evolving "best practices" in pay per click. We often find clients who have "okay" pay per click campaigns, but they haven't been leveraging "best practices" and many of the new pay per click platform features released in the past year or so which can significantly improve performance.


2) You have been using another pay per click advertising firm, ppc agency or consultant for a period of time, but don't feel you're receiving the attention or value you received in the early stages of the relationship and/or, you now question whether the current vendor really has the expertise portrayed during the sales process. There's nothing like feeling you're toward the bottom of the priority list when paying significant sums of money. A perhaps more disconcerting case would be if you're spending significant sums of money and see your campaigns flail because an agency or consultant doesn't really understand your business or pay per click as much as they led you to believe. We are straightforward about our skills and expertise during the sales process and always conduct a review of a potential client's current situation to ensure we can provide significant value. Terrakon has NEVER taken on a client where we did not achieve this goal.


3) Although you're well aware of pay per click advertising and may have even briefly tested PPC in the past, you currently do not have an active pay per click account, but would like to give pay per click a shot to see if it can increase your bottom-line profits. In this situation, Terrakon can work with you to understand your business and online goals to see if pay per click advertising may be a good fit. In some situations, we recommend starting with a lower-risk pilot to see if a full-fledged pay per click program will be profitable. In fact, we recently ran a pilot over a three-month period for a national shoe chain which led to a more robust pay per click effort.


Whether your specific situation falls within one of these categories or not, Terrakon is very flexible with how we work with your business. Oftentimes, we work with businesses that already have some in–house staff (e.g. IT, marketing) that handle parts of the pay per click process. In other situations, Terrakon handles every facet of the pay per click process. As long as we're confident we can help you be successful, Terrakon Marketing is happy to structure a working arrangement that works for everyone.


Some important words about who we DON’T work with. Terrakon Marketing does not work with clients who sell using unethical online business practices. If your website appears to use bogus testimonials, unearned certifications, false advertising copy or the like, we can’t help you.


In addition, with few exceptions, Terrakon does not take on new clients who are direct competitors of our current clients in both product or service offering and geographic targeting. So, if we work with an accounting firm in a specific geographical area, we will not take another accounting firm in that same area as a client. If we have a national client who sells electronics, we will not take on another national electronics company. Does this make it a little more difficult for us to find clients? No question. Is it the right thing to do for our current clients? Absolutely.

How Can Terrakon Help My Company?

After an initial discussion to see whether there seems to be the potential for a good fit, we’ll need to conduct further analysis of your current pay per click program (if you have one) and/or a more in-depth evaluation of your product(s) or service(s); market; and competitive environment.


For those already running pay per click campaigns, here are just a few of the very basic errors we find with pay per click advertising campaigns:


1) Disorganized campaign structure — it’s critical that you structure your campaigns appropriately from the beginning to allow for proper targeting, testing and higher quality scores.


2) Keywords too broad for a particular ad group — it is important that your ads have a high degree of relevance to the associated keywords.


3) Assume top placement results in the highest ROI — higher placements tend to result in more clicks, but that does not necessarily mean the highest position also results in the highest conversion or ROI. While every client is different, we RARELY find the very top position to be the most profitable.


4) Fail to send click traffic to the most relevant page — some people still send their click traffic to the home page. This is usually not the most relevant page for the visitor.


5) Stop ad copy testing after initial success (if you test at all) — if you’re not continuously testing your pay per click campaigns, you are missing out on one of the primary benefits of the channel.


6) Use the wrong metrics to track pay per click success — there are a lot of potential metrics to use in your PPC program. It is important to pick the right metrics for your business and gather accurate data to measure against.


Terrakon Marketing helps you fix these common errors and many more to improve your current PPC campaign results or avoid these errors when you launch new campaigns. A few ways Terrakon can help:


1) Provide a professional Pay Per Click Advertising Management service that can be customized to meet your needs.


2) Help you launch or manage your own pay per click campaign.


3) Conduct a Pay Per Click Optimization Audit to identify opportunities to boost the performance of your current click campaigns.


4) Help you transition PPC campaigns from an outside firm to run your click program in–house.


5) Perform a customized Pay Per Click Consulting program that gets your current or new pay per click campaigns aligned with best practices and turn the day–to–day activities over to your in–house resources with as–needed “guidance” from us going forward.


As an adjunct to our per click services, Terrakon Marketing can work with you to design and test landing pages to increase your conversion rate. Using our HAVE™ model and best practices, Terrakon's Conversion Optimization services can help you develop and implement designs, copy and trust elements that can lead to higher conversion rates. We then work with you to develop a testing methodology; platform and tracking to ensure your test results are valid.


Terrakon is hands–on in your campaign every day. And Terrakon will provide regular reporting with phone reviews, keeping you in the know about your campaign status, recommended changes and quantitative results.

What Results Should I Expect from Pay Per Click?

One of the greatest benefits of internet marketing is that it is much easier to measure results when compared to traditional marketing. Every client and industry is different, though, so it is difficult to provide specific expectations. However, if you currently have pay per click campaigns running, we typically request to view your Google AdWords Account during the proposal stage so we can ensure we have a high degree of confidence we can improve your current situation.


If you’d like to see specific examples, however, Terrakon Marketing pay per click results for current and past clients are included below:


Nearly $1,000,000 Improvement!


Terrakon Marketing helped an apparel client significantly boost the results of their existing Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter paid search programs resulting in a nearly one million dollar incremental profit — in one year.


Pay Per Click Results Example


Increase in revenue by 42.3%


"We spend well over $50,000 monthly online and have worked with a number of marketers. We've been testing and improving our website/landing pages for quite awhile. Terrakon Marketing, however, designed a new ecommerce website which converted search traffic far better than our current site. In our split test, Terrakon’s new microsite landing pages increased revenue by 42.3%! If you’re in need of Pay Per Click Management services, I highly recommend Terrakon."


–M.V. Co-Founder Blessed Herbs, Inc.


3X CPC Conversion Increase


"Rob Reed with Terrakon Marketing was great to work with on our CPC campaign. We are a small company and were worried about not being "high profile" enough to get the necessary attention for our project, However, his knowledge and interest in our project far exceeded that of any company we contacted about managing our campaign. He provided thorough feedback throughout the project and was able to more than triple our CPC conversion rate."


–T.S., President Productforeman.com


Best Ad Investment


"Hiring Terrakon Marketing to do our Pay Per Click Management has been, by far, our best return on investment out of all our traditional and online marketing activities."


–M.L., Executive Director, ECP


383% Profit Increase


"We spend tens of thousands per month on pay per click advertising, so PPC is a significant part of our marketing budget. Since our paid search program was already quite profitable, we were hesitant to bring in an outside pay per click firm to help with paid search, but we could not be happier with the results. Terrakon Marketing increased our year–over–year profits generated through pay per click by 383%! OUTSTANDING!"


–C.S, E-Commerce Company


147% PPC Conversion Increase


"Terrakon Marketing improved the profitability of our website far beyond simply improving our AdWords campaign. Terrakon takes a big picture view of your business and suggests improvements to page content, layout and messaging. These recommendations, in addition to Rob's paid search expertise, increased our pay per click conversions by 147% and reduced our cost per conversion by 48%. Not only that, but the suggested changes to our site improved our SEO performance and non–AdWords conversions as well!"


–D.R., President Texttrust.com



What Are Your Pay Per Click Fees?

For Pay Per Click Fees, we typically use percent of spend, hourly or fixed fee depending upon the situation. Each client has different needs and requirements, so we feel it is important to provide flexible billing based on what works best for our clients.


Since our billing arrangements are flexible and for competitive reasons, we can’t provide a detailed cost breakdown until we have a conversation with you. However, we can offer our "starting from" prices:


1) Percent of ad spend starts as low as 9.5% per month. We utilize a sliding scale based on the monthly ad spend on the Pay Per Click platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Facebook Ads, etc.)


2) Our minimum, monthly pay per click management fee starts at $750.


3) Our minimum, new or redesigned account set-up and initial optimization starts at $750.


4) Terrakon Marketing Pay Per Click Optimization Audits start at $750.


5) Terrakon offers 5 or 15 hour pay per click consulting "blocks" for pure consulting projects.


We currently serve clients who spend a few thousand dollars per month to tens of thousands each month. Terrakon offers month-to-month, six-month and twelve-month pay per click contracts. The length of the contract impacts the cost of the initial set-up or restructure fee.


IMPORTANT: Terrakon sets up/restructures and manages all pay per click campaigns in accounts YOU own. The account history, which has a very significant impact on your AdWords Quality Score, then stays with your company. You own the history, the data, etc. So, should you decide to change course at some time in the future, you’re not beholden to us or starting anew which can significantly increase your costs. Regardless of whether you choose Terrakon or not, we highly recommend you work only with vendors who allow history to build in your own accounts. All ad spend click costs are billed directly to your company by the pay per click platform company (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.).


Ready to start a conversation? We'd love to hear from you! Please click the "Request Consultation" button on any page and you'll be contacted immediately with an auto-respond confirmation and a "real" email from owner Rob Reed soon thereafter .