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Is Your Online Video Dressed for Success?

Online Video Should Be Dressed For SuccessImplementing video on your website is no longer a new idea – and I am sure you have noticed more and more video interaction on the sites you visit in your everyday web crawling.  But no matter how much time or money spent on your web video, or how proud of it you are; if people can’t find it, it won’t meet its business value potential.

To ensure your videos offer the utmost value online, follow these rules:

Maintain high quality: We have all seen those poorly produced videos and know how painful they can be to watch.  High quality video is essential, and with the HD technology of today – it has come to be expected.  Shaky camera handling and poor resolution will reflect poorly upon your organization, and people may laugh at you.

“To, to, today Junior!” – Keep video under 2 minutes: Encourage views, links and comments with short, sweet and compelling content and be mindful of your site visitors’ time.  If it can be said well in two minutes, film it – and if it can’, perhaps consider another way to convey the message. And be sure to use a high-resolution thumbnail image to represent your video in search results.  People do at times just books by their covers.

Place relevant keywords in a video’s title, description and tags: Search engines can’t read video content directly like they can text, or images equipped with alt tags.  It is for this reason, you need to tell spiders and site visitors what your video is about by describing the content in the YouTube fields.  Use full sentences when writing your description, and be sure to begin with your company’s URL so that it displays in YouTube’s search results.

Choose the most liberal YouTube settings: If you have ever added a video to YouTube, you know you have the option to make your video private and to disallow comments and video responses.  You can also prevent people from voting on comments, rating your video, and embedding it on their site.  But don’t do any of these things.  Rude feedback may sound terrifying and threatening – but it is simply a reality with the interactive landscape.  If you make a good video, people will acknowledge it.  So breathe, grow thicker skin, and equip your videos with less restrictive settings.  It will make for a much greater interactive rewards later.

Promote your video offline: Be sure your sales people, and marketing team are promoting your new video through all communication channels.  Blast out an email singing its praises, or push it out through social media outlets.  Videos are made to be watched.  Get eyes on them!

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