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Hire An Experienced Pay Per Click Consultant

There are many pay per click companies, ad agencies, consultants and marketing consulting firms from which to choose for your PPC service needs, but we hope you consider Terrakon, we have been at it since 2004.

We like to think we're a little different because our PPC consulting services are a significant focus for our Internet marketing firm – not a side business to our pay per click advertising management service like most Internet service firms.  Not only does this translate into a better quality service for you, but it means that you won’t be cast to the backburner or constantly sent to voicemail because we are busy frying bigger fish.  We have all been there and we will save you the trouble.

To further demonstrate our investment in our pay per click advertising consulting services, we have produced three unique programs in attempt to accommodate businesses with different needs within the consulting realm.  Try them on for size, and if you still don’t feel a good fit, please feel fry to call us so that we can discuss your needs and design the perfect consulting program for you.

PPC Kickstart Consulting Service Program

Terrakon's PPC Kickstart Program is designed for companies that are new to PPC advertising, but plan to manage the click campaign themselves. We ensure your ad click program is set up correctly from the start and help your staff move quickly up the learning curve.

Kickstart quickly provides you with an active click campaign and teaches your staff the skills, knowledge and tools to create, manage and track your pay per click campaigns.Terrakon works with you to establish the proper success metrics, tracking, testing and continuous improvement process to proactively manage your pay per click program.We can even help you identify and implement the best organization and process structure to support your new pay per click campaign. Very few pay per click advertising management companies are qualified to help with this part of a click campaign.

Terrakon can help you:

  1. Determine the number or portion of FTEs required to successfully manage your PPC campaigns.
  2. Create a PPC job profile which outlines the talents and skills necessary to successfully run your program.
  3. Help select the employee(s) who may best fit your PPC profile.
  4. Work through the functional department issues of who “owns” the PPC program – information technology, finance, or marketing – or some combination.
  5. Develop a PPC Balanced Scorecard to track and measure your program against established metrics.
  6. Create a change management plan to implement the new Internet advertising campaign.

Our PPC Kickstart Program takes between 45-90 days to fully implement depending upon click campaign complexity, project objectives and resource availability.

PPC Boost Consulting Service Program

The PPC Boost Program is designed to boost the performance of your current PPC campaign whether it is managed by you or an outside PPC management company.Sometimes, a flailing pay per click campaign just needs more attention; a different strategy; a new perspective; or a combination of strategic and tactical changes to boost performance.  Terrakon conducts a detailed review of your current PPC advertising program to identify opportunities for improvement.

Some of the key campaign components we review include:

  1. Campaign structure
  2. Competitive environment
  3. Success metrics
  4. Ad positioning
  5. Landing page selection and design
  6. Keyword phrase strategy
  7. Daily budget
  8. Maximum cost per click (CPC)
  9. A/B or multivariate testing
  10. Analytics

We provide a detailed report identifying our findings in all of these areas and more. Our Boost Report is submitted for your review and we schedule a conference call or meeting to review the report and answer your questions.

Terrakon's PPC Boost consulting service program is a short-term engagement that takes two to four weeks to complete depending upon program objectives, PPC campaign complexity and resource availability.

PPC Transition Consulting Service Program

If you decide to transfer management of your PPC campaign from an outside firm to your own “in-house” resources, Terrakon will assist with your transition. The PPC Transition Program helps you develop a transition plan to take control of your PPC program with minimal disruption.

The tasks involved in the Transition Program are very similar to our Kickstart and Boost Programs and are customized based on your specific situation. The PPC Transition Program takes 45-90 days depending upon your objectives, resources and campaign complexity.

Some common questions we help answer:

  1. What in-house skills and talents are required to run a successful pay per click program?
  2. Which functional department(s) should be responsible for the campaign?
  3. Are the proper metrics and reporting systems in place?
  4. What testing, tracking and measurement systems should be in place for continuous improvement?
  5. Do you need bid management software to assist with your campaign?

To start a conversation with an experienced pay per click consultant, fill out the contact form at the bottom of every web page or contact us Toll Free at: (800) 605. 4160